Ana Bell Marquez-Crooks, BA, MSW Candidate

AnaBell is a bilingual (Spanish speaking) trauma informed intern therapist committed to helping our communities with their mental health challenges. She has worked with adolescents and young adults with a trauma focus lens. She is trained in EMDR. AnaBell strives to provide a space for clients to share their stories and support their healing journey. She is passionate about advocating for others and de-stigmatizing mental health services in our communities. 

She is in her final year of my Master of Social Work degree from the University of Denver.  Previous she worked at Maria Droste Counseling Center as an Intern Therapist. She have 6+ years of case management experience at a Community Center Board in Colorado managing and delivering services to individuals with developmental, cognitive, and intellectual disabilities and their families. 

To contact AnaBell please reach out to her at

This therapist conducts sessions exclusively in English and Spanish.